New Print Collections Released

I am so excited to share that after some ‘simmering’ through the summer and fall I am able to finally release some new prints. There are two color palettes here, one definitely summer, and one transitioning into fall. Depending on your taste, decor, or what appeals to you, I think you’ll find they are really special offerings. And, I might add, affordably priced for one of a kind original art!

See the full collection in my shop here

Path to the Beach, Sanibel Summer Collection 2019, 4”x6” original print

Path to the Beach, Sanibel Summer Collection 2019, 4”x6” original print

The Sanibel Summer Collection includes five small abstract prints with a teal and pink background emphasized by purple highlights. The abstract designs are evocative of beach days with glistening ocean views.

The Sanibel Summer Collection prints are $40 each. Print size is 4” x 6” with recommended framing to 8”x 10”.

If you’d like more than one or framing assistance please email me.

See the full Sanibel Summer Collection in my shop here

Climbing, New England Autumn Collection 2019, 7.5” x 9.5” original print

Climbing, New England Autumn Collection 2019, 7.5” x 9.5” original print

The New England Autumn Collection brings us to the present, with what I think are pretty unique primary color combinations of red, yellow (ochre), and dark blue. In these five prints, areas of the abstract background are masked out by white shapes that accentuate the lines and marks throughout.

These are $75 each unframed. Print size is 7.5” x 9.5” with recommended framing to 12”x 14”.

If you’d like more than one or framing assistance please email me.

See the full New England Autumn collection in my shop here

2019 Journal Flip Thru

I finished a journal recently, which is always exciting. Last week I shared just the Season of Documenting pages, maybe the last 10 pages or so. See that post here.

This week I am sharing the completed journal. I started this journal a while back… Probably more than a year of working in this book. I like seeing the evolution of my style through the pages, and I hope you do too.

Toward the end of the book I was travelling and working with limited supplies- which is very freeing and I think the looser pages reflect that, do you?

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Season of Documenting Journal Flip Through

I faced a little creative block in August, and really relied on my journal to keep making a little bit every day. I credit the community and motivation of Get Messy for keeping me making, even when I wasn’t feeling it.

I love being a member of Get Messy! It is an online creative group that provides weekly prompts and tutorials that help keep you making. Get Messy’s last season was Season of Documenting. I talked more about Get Messy on my blog here.

This season, I was able to make quite a few pages, both on the theme and just on my own themes as well. Some pages are representative of tutorials led by so many other awesome artists.

Have a look at the gallery below for a sample of some of my favorite pages. I’m also sharing a link to my YouTube channel where I am sharing a full flip through of the season’s pages. I did this season within a larger journal, and will do a full video of that journal next week!

September Calendar Printable

Woah… September already? I had to check my calendar twice to make sure. Summer has been awesome and flown by this year!

In 2019, my new email subscribers have been getting a monthly calendar printable when they join my list! Each calendar has a little art project included to get you creating each month. I thought I would share September’s printable on my blog this week.

To print, right click and save image to your desktop. It is better if you print from a saved image to be sure you are meeting your printer requirements. Select “print to fit” (or whatever similar option your printer offers in settings) so that it prints on one 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper.

September Calendar.jpg

Sharing some of my favorite online resources this week

Summer is great, but super busy. While I am still finding time to get into the studio, I am working toward completing a new collection so I don’t have much of my own art that is ready to share with you this week.

In the meantime, a friend suggested I share some of my favorite online resources. Here’s a few links to the resources I tap into the most when I’m online these days:

Online Art Community: Get Messy

Motivational Podcast: The Rob Cast - You Listening to You

Business-start up related podcast: Tiffany Han (so many good ones)

Healthy Food Inspiration: Pick Up Limes Vegan Nutritionist

Whole30 Food Inspiration: Downshiftology

Meditation: Insight Timer

Would love to hear what resources you are enjoying. Feel free to comment below!

A Conversation - Vacation Journal Series

Last week we traveled to the Adirondacks for the exhibit (mentioned in last week’s blog here) and to visit with family. I always try to bring art supplies, or at least a sketchbook when we travel anywhere. Since we were driving, I could bring a few more supplies. In fact, I did a quick tour of the supplies I brought over on my Instagram stories earlier this week. I saved it in my Journaling highlight if you want to take a look at what I brought with me.

I really enjoyed having the limited supplies to keep me focused and allow me to get to work quickly. One evening we were watching a movie and I was sitting near my mom’s art supplies so I did sneak some gold and paynes' gray from her stash… shhh…

I made about a spread every two days. Thought I would share a tour of these spreads this week. I ended up viewing this as a conversation among the pages. Click on through the pictures below …What do you think?

Elemental Connection Exhibit

This week I drove up to North Creek, NY in the Adirondacks to hang an exhibit with my mom and sister - Elemental Connection.

carefully hanging work

carefully hanging work

My sister, Bryanna Millis, works in mixed media with photographs, collage and painting. Her work is focused on the role of water in Jordan, as she has spent a decade working in that region professionally. More about her work can be seen here.

My mom, Joanne Millis, works in mixed media and ceramics, and has a tremendous amount of work in this show - some new and some spanning the history of her work.

My work in the show includes recent prints and paintings primarily. Recent work can be seen in my Portfolio, paintings here and prints here.

The exhibit is at the Widlund Gallery at Tannery Pond Center in North Creek, NY July 28- August 28, 2019.

If you plan to be in the area, please save the date for a few special events throughout the month:

  • Exhibition Reception with the artists Aug 2, 5-7pm

  • Meet the Artists and Pottery Sale Aug 4, 5-6pm

  • Artist Talk and Demonstration August 10, 4pm

  • Meet the Artists and Pottery Sale Aug 18, 3-4:30pm

If you can’t visit in person, here are a few previews and I will also share work on my Instagram throughout the month!

one wall with work by Bryanna and my painting in the middle

one wall with work by Bryanna and my painting in the middle

another wall with Bryanna’s work and five of my small paintings

another wall with Bryanna’s work and five of my small paintings

Sanibel travel journal

For the past few summers I have made a little travel journal to document a special trip. Last summer it was my trip to NYC with Eliza and the summer before it was a sketch every time we went to the beach (which was a lot that year!). These aren’t big journals… just 13 pages or so for some visual reflection.

I planned to do one for our family trip to Sanibel while we were there, but it just didn’t click at the time. There was a very real chance it would not click, because I was so busy with work right after our trip. Luckily, over the past few weeks I have enjoyed looking back at our photos from that vacation and got into some watercolor sketches over gesso. Once I added a little heading to each page, it became a finished “thing”!

Click on the photos to scroll through the journal. I pasted in some ticket stubs and maps on the inside front and back cover and left space for journaling on the palm tree page.


Summer blog recap!


Art-wise I am currently in the middle of a few projects, that are not ready to share. Life-wise, I am busy. Let’s be real, summer is a balancing act!

So, I thought this week I would share a few favorite blog posts to celebrate my run of posting weekly blogs since February 2018! That’s a lot of content… Let’s review…

First off, I had a great 100 Day Project this year and while I’m still working at it, I posted about it here with a link to a video about my process. I also have some of the work in my shop.

I really enjoyed making a Space Zine in December 2018 and shared a flip through that month.

#carvedecember is always a fun project that I’ve completed for the past few years. I shared some stamps in this blog from December.

My Labyrinth Journal was a very special project and I shared a flip through here.

I loved my little Season of Ubuntu journal and shared the flip through here.

Oh, also I forgot about these oil pastel sketches I did last year. Loved those! They inspired some of my current oil paintings which I posted in my painting portfolio.

Plus, I have a few free online tutorials to help you all get started with making some art of your own.

I hope you will scroll through these links and check out some of my other content on my site!

In fact, by the end of August I plan to have a new collection of work ready to share. Please subscribe to my newsletter to get an announcement when that is ready to be released!

Happy Summer!


100 Day Project Update - New Collection Coming!


Currently, I am on day 79 of the 100 Day Project, which formally wraps up this month. To be honest, I am behind and might not ever catch up and that is going to be ok… in fact, I’m going to turn these lemons into lemonade!

I have wanted to try releasing my work as a ‘collection’ for some time. This means, rather than one at a time trickling onto IG when they are done, when the series is complete I plan to release the final 20 prints together here on my site.

I’d like to use this opportunity to let more people know about my work and to seek collaborative partnerships with interior designers and other professionals who cross promote artwork. If you know of anyone who fits this description and you think might be interested, please forward my website link along.

As a recap, I chose a select group of 20 from the first 79 days of the project to add to my shop for the time being, take a look here! These are very affordably priced and so sweet to have as a set or a single print in a frame.

Be sure you are subscribed to my newsletter to get the announcement of when the collection is released!

Thank you for your support!

Making an Impression - 16th Annual Printmakers Show at Newburyport Art Association

As a member of the Printmakers Featured Artist Group at the Newburyport Art Association, I was able to participate in their annual show this week. The reception was on Saturday and another printmaking friend, Cara Gonier, made a video of the reception. I asked Cara if she would mind me sharing the video here. It is so great, and gives you a feeling like you were there. Also, you get a glimpse of each artists’ work… really such a strong show!

Show is on view through July 7, 5pm.

Please take a look at Cara’s work, both paintings and prints. Her work is so beautiful, moody, and ethereal. She has a unique sensitivity to paint, light and color!

Ok - here is the video!

July Calendar Printable ... and a picture for your desktop or home screen (scroll down)

Happy summer! Finally, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are seeing some summer weather. In honor of the sun and beaches, I am sharing July’s Calendar printable with a painting of a seagull. To print, download to your hard drive (right click and save) and then print from the version saved on your computer. Let me know if you try the salt/watercolor trick! Very fun!

July 2019.jpg

Bonus for visiting- Here is a shot of some beautiful shells from Sanibel, Florida. Save to your desktop for a screen saver or view on your phone and make it your lock screen image!

Thanks for stopping by!


Creative Flow

Recent print from my 100 Day project

Recent print from my 100 Day project

This week I thought I would share a recap of some recent projects with links. I love making, experimenting, and learning new things. My regular creative practice includes a lot of experimentation in a range of different media:

Printmaking studio view

Printmaking studio view

Printmaking - I have a small space in my home where I've set up my inks and papers, to do hand printing. I have taught block printing and gelli printing, and made a few short videos on my current work which is a ‘transfer’ monotype using a plastic bag. With this method, I'm completing the 100 Day project with #100daysofprintmaking and really enjoying myself. 

Some links:

·       A quick video of my current process:

·       A short video on Instagram of a recent print

·       Two gelli printing tutorials on the Get Messy free blog: 


Painting – I paint using oil paints and cold wax medium, which thickens up the paint and allows for layering and mark making. Some of these pieces are in the portfolio section of my website here.


blockprinting meets journaling

blockprinting meets journaling

Collage/Mixed Media Journaling - Collage holds a special space in my daily making. I love experimenting with combining papers, enhancing patterns, and of course using my own stamps and prints in my collages. I find this so relaxing and enjoyable. A few pages have been shared in Brush Magazine, and some are on my website here.


Public Art: I also completing a public art project for my church this fall which will be a labyrinth on 12’ x 12’ canvas. During the process I have made a journal about the process and a full size labyrinth out of sticks in my yard. I'm loving this and excited to see where it leads. The end date of this project is October 16 when it will be presented at a community reception.

Buddy with the Labyrinth this Spring

Buddy with the Labyrinth this Spring

Some links:

·       Labyrinth Journal flip thru:  

·       Walking the 12’x12’ Stick Labyrinth in my yard:


Illustration - Although I am doing less of this at the current moment, this informs my work, my comfort level with color mixing and watercolor. I have some examples of watercolor illustration on my website here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip through my art making world. Feel free to email me with any questions!

Fabric Journal "Before" Video

I’m sharing a fabric journal I recently made over on my YouTube Channel this week.

I have had this stash of fabric sitting on my desk for a while now, and just didn’t want to get out the sewing machine. A few sewing projects piled up on my desk last week, so I finally got it stitched together. I see this book as just filled to the brim with stitches, ephemera, and other interesting trinkets over time. So this video is the “before” in a way. Added some talking to this one to add some detail about my process.

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Spring 2019 Journal Flip Thru

I have been working slowly through this small journal that I made back in January with my good friend Lily at our DIY retreat, which I wrote about on the blog here.

I’m just about done with this little book, so I am going to share few of my favorite spreads. There are some in here that I don’t want to share, because after all this is a visual ‘journal.’ Visual journaling is such a personal, calming, and evolving practice that I love to do at the end of a busy day. There is room in here for exploring materials, themes, thoughts and feelings and that is what makes this type of journaling practice so wonderful. Not every page is social media worthy, and maybe these aren’t either…but I love them still!

If you are intrigued and would like to learn more, I am teaching a class on visual journaling on June 15 at Newburyport Art Association 9-11am. Cost is $20 for NAA members and $25 for non members. Register at their site here. This class is perfect for any level of artist. In the class, I’ll share a few tips and tricks for getting started with visual journaling and techniques I love to use as well. Plus it is really a nice morning with a bunch of other creative folks! I hope you can join me.

Ok, on to the journal! Enjoy!

June Calendar Printable

Yay! Summer is here! And also, the calendar printable is here for June! Note, the fun art project at the bottom. Why not give it a try?

Subscribers to my email newsletter got this last week. Go here to sign up!

To print, right click and save to your computer. Then go to the file and print ‘to fit’ based on your printer settings. Enjoy and thanks!

June Calendar_new format.jpg

100 Day Project - 50 days complete!

I have been happily rolling along with the 100 Day Project this year and thought I would share a little round up of some recent posts. I picked #100daysofprintmaking as my focus, and I have for the most part explored transfer monotypes. I shared a short process video on my You Tube Channel here. Please subscribe to my channel to be notified of future videos.

I have more recently been incorporating stencils cut from Dua-Lar film that I had on hand for other projects and I am liking the silkscreen effect that is coming across. I shared a link to this product on my resources page waaay at the bottom under ‘other recommended supplies’ if you are interested.

Hey, don’t forget! Prints are for sale too! They are $40 each which includes a backing board and mat cut to 8”x10”. Easy to slip into any standard frame that size. Or I could also send to you or a friend in a simple, matte, black wood frame for another $35. An example of the framed option is below the gallery. They look so great in the mat and frame!

The full collection of prints is on my Instagram page and many (but not all) are also on my shop page. If you see one on IG that isn’t on the shop yet, email me with the print number and I will get it set up for you. I’m making them faster than I can post! Thanks and enjoy!

Example of framed option.jpg

Labyrinth Walk Thru Video

I shared this video at the Haverhill Cultural Council grantee reception last night. If you weren’t there, have a look. Enjoy the bird song, early Spring crunchy grass, and some crazy spring snow sounds!

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Labyrinth Project - Journal Flip Thru

I am currently completing a project to design and create a walkable labyrinth for use by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Haverhill. In my process of learning about various type of labyrinth patterns, I began by sketching out ideas into a visual journal that I originally made in a class with Orly Avineri last fall.

This journal was so fun to work on - I love the mixed media aesthetic. In the journal, I carried through patterns, stamps, and owls. I am sharing the flip thru video this week!

Here is a link to my YouTube Channel. Please like and subscribe to get updates when I post new videos!

Enjoy the video below!

There are two upcoming important dates if you want to experience this project in person:

May 15, 7-9pm - The Haverhill Cultural Council is hosting a grantee reception (10 Welcome Street, Haverhill, MA). I will be there to share this journal and more about the process so far.

October 16, 7-8:30pm - Reverend Frank Clarkson, Bets Robertson, and I will be hosting a reception at UUCH, (15 Kenoza Ave, Haverhill, MA) with the finished labyrinth, a talk about the meaning of the labyrinth, and time for a walking meditation.

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Haverhill Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.


The 100 Day Project - Printmaking... a Process Video

I’ve been having fun experimenting with my 100 Day Project this year. I focused on printmaking, and came across a few videos by artist Dan Tierels where he uses a plastic bag to make his prints. Have a look at his youtube channel for his style and technique.

I decided to give it a whirl. I want to work loose and abstract for this project and experiment with color combinations. I made a video of my process completing a recent print (which I shared over on Instagram a few weeks ago).

Here is the link to my YouTube channel and the video is below! Like and subscribe to get updates when I post new videos!