Labyrinth Walk Thru Video

I shared this video at the Haverhill Cultural Council grantee reception last night. If you weren’t there, have a look. Enjoy the bird song, early Spring crunchy grass, and some crazy spring snow sounds!

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Labyrinth Project - Journal Flip Thru

I am currently completing a project to design and create a walkable labyrinth for use by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Haverhill. In my process of learning about various type of labyrinth patterns, I began by sketching out ideas into a visual journal that I originally made in a class with Orly Avineri last fall.

This journal was so fun to work on - I love the mixed media aesthetic. In the journal, I carried through patterns, stamps, and owls. I am sharing the flip thru video this week!

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Enjoy the video below!

There are two upcoming important dates if you want to experience this project in person:

May 15, 7-9pm - The Haverhill Cultural Council is hosting a grantee reception (10 Welcome Street, Haverhill, MA). I will be there to share this journal and more about the process so far.

October 16, 7-8:30pm - Reverend Frank Clarkson, Bets Robertson, and I will be hosting a reception at UUCH, (15 Kenoza Ave, Haverhill, MA) with the finished labyrinth, a talk about the meaning of the labyrinth, and time for a walking meditation.

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Haverhill Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.


The 100 Day Project - Printmaking... a Process Video

I’ve been having fun experimenting with my 100 Day Project this year. I focused on printmaking, and came across a few videos by artist Dan Tierels where he uses a plastic bag to make his prints. Have a look at his youtube channel for his style and technique.

I decided to give it a whirl. I want to work loose and abstract for this project and experiment with color combinations. I made a video of my process completing a recent print (which I shared over on Instagram a few weeks ago).

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May Calendar Printable ... with a Rooster!

May is here! And with a new month I am sharing a new calendar printable!

To print, click on image and right click to “Save Image.” Save to your hard drive and go to where it saved. Open file and select print. In your printer menu, you will want to check are that it is printing “full page” and/or that it will “shrink to fit.” For me, both work. Let me know how it works for you!

Check out the little crafty tip on the calendar this month too. I’d love to see where you hang your calendar and the projects you complete so please tag me on Instagram!

Spring 2019 Classes - a few spots left!

Visual Journalling image.JPG

Blockprinting in SALEM - I am teaching my Intro to Blockprinting class at Circle of Stitches in Salem, MA May 1, 7-9pm. This is a great location with plenty of parking and would be a fun activity to break up your week. Register at Circle of Stitches site today!.

Self portrait vision board image.jpg

Visual Journaling in NEWBURYPORT - We have been having some fuunnn over in Newburyport on Saturday mornings. There are two more classes left this spring - Saturday mornings 9-11am.

Two more classes to choose from:

  • May 18 - Self Portrait Vision Board

  • June 15 - Intro to Visual Journaling

NAA has set the price very low for these fun classes so there is not going to be a better time to try a class! Sign up over at the NAA Education page on their site.

I hope you can join me this Spring for some creativity!

block printing circle of stitches 5-1-19.jpeg

Thoughts on #The100DayProject and new work!

Split, from the universe series, oil and cold wax monotype 2019

Split, from the universe series, oil and cold wax monotype 2019

Have you heard of this project? It is an online (mostly Instagram I think) accountability exercise to do something for 100 Days. Can be anything, eat vegetarian, go running, learn a skill, meditate, clean out your house… or also art related projects. Last year I did illustrations, see the blog post here and here.

I considered doing those again, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I also have been trying to learn ProCreate on the iPad, and thought maybe that could be a great way to learn. In the end I picked something that “lights me up” a bit more and I have really been having fun with it. See more over on Instagram. I did post a few new prints for sale in my shop at very reasonable prices too.

Marsh Side, from the line and pattern series, monotype 2019

Marsh Side, from the line and pattern series, monotype 2019

This project can have some challenges. I was most worried about getting too busy for it, or getting burned out on my project theme. I chose #100daysofprintmaking for 2019 because I am loving working on printmaking right now and also I can do some of this work in batches, which helps for those days when I am swamped with work and life.

My first series of work is my “universe” series of monotypes using oil paint mixed with cold wax, and exploring resist and pattern. They are deceptively simple! Definitely exploring more here, especially with the subtle resist effects.

The second series which I just started sharing on Friday, are monotypes using a plastic bags to apply the color. Artist Dan Tirels shows some excellent videos on the process at his YouTube channel. Messy, loose and fun, I am exploring color and pattern in this series. Also, I’m working small here… finished prints are around 5”x7” and they really very sweet.

All prints are for sale, of course, and will be in a few upcoming exhibits this summer!

Accordion Journal Flip Thru

I made this accordion journal back in 2018 and loved the background so much, I thought I would never be able to cover it up. Basically, I took a large sheet of paper and painted, made marks, sprayed water, let it drip and dry and then did it all over again. It took on a weathered look with nuggets of good color, texture and pattern.

To make the book itself, I tore down the large sheet of paper (once painted) into three equal strips and carefully glued them together at the ends. Folded it up evenly as an accordion, and viola!

During this most recent Get Messy season (Season of Celebration) I picked up this little journal, and just didn’t put it down. Lots of mark making with Posca pens, watercolors, acrylic paint, stamping, and collage in here.

I shot a quick video and am sharing this week. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos!

April Calendar Printable

It’s Spring! We made it… April! Ahhh….

This is one of my most favorite times of the year… (ok, yes, also summer and fall :-) ).

For this month I’m adding one of my favorite owl paintings to the calendar printable. I saw an owl at Plum Island State Park a few weeks ago and have been drawing owls ever since.

To print, click on image and right click to “Save Image.” Save to your hard drive and go to where it saved. Open file and select print. In your printer menu, you will want to check are that it is printing “full page” and/or that it will “shrink to fit.” For me, both work. Let me know how it works for you!

Also, check out the little crafty tip on the calendar this month! I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful April!

Upcoming classes - Join Me!

Visual Journalling image.JPG

I am excited to be teaching this spring in a few new locations as well as some familiar spots. Have a look and sign up!

Self portrait vision board image.jpg

Art Classes in Newburyport - I am teaching a four class series on Saturday mornings 9-11am once a month between March and June. These four classes are offered as a bundle together to build up to creating your own collage materials in order to get started (or more deeply involved with) visual journaling! NAA has set the price very low for these fun classes. The details:

blockprinting colorful photo.jpg
  • March 23 - Gelli Printing - class almost full

  • April 20 - Intro to Bookbinding

  • May 18 - Self Portrait Vision Board

  • June 15 - Intro to Visual Journaling

Blockprinting in Amesbury - I am teaching my Intro to Blockprinting class at Melissa Partridge’s studio at The Artists Muse in Amesbury April 6, 4-6pm. We will have music, snacks, time to create and lots of fun! Bring a group of friends and grab dinner at one of the great restaurants nearby after! Register at Melissa’s site.

Gelli Printing in Lawrence - April 25, May 2, and May 9, I am teaching a three-session Thursday morning Gelli Printing class at Essex Art Center in Lawrence. This center is very easy to access from the highway and has wonderful energy. Each meeting is 2.5 hours and will allow students to work in depth with their gelli plates. Register with EAC here.

I hope you can join me this Spring for some creativity!

Vlog #4 Elephant

Sharing my 4th Vlog posting of a painting in progress. This one is the elephant, which got a lot of positive feedback! I made a few versions in order to fill a few orders, so got the change to film the process. I have a version of this in my shop! Have a look!

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In Like a Lion..... March 2019 Calendar Page -

How is it almost March already! This year is just flying by. In honor of it being ‘almost’ a few things in the Northern Hemisphere…. March… Spring… end of Winter… I am happy to share the March Calendar Page! Subscribers get this in their in-box each month. so if you want to be sure that you get it, please subscribe in the “Let’s Connect” box below. Today, I am also sharing March’s page here to thank you for visiting!

Natures Nation - Exhibit at Peabody Essex Museum - with video links

On Monday, we went to Salem, MA for a visit to the Peabody Essex Museum and the Natures Nation: American Art and the Environment exhibit (on view through May 2, 2019). Following along historical lines with an emphasis on how we humans have impacted the environment, curators offered works from various points in history combined with modern art.

From PEM’s website: “Nature's Nation: American Art and Environment is the first exhibition to trace environmental awareness in American art over the last three centuries. More than 100 works, including iconic masterpieces as well as rare works by such artists as John James Audubon, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole, Valerie Hegarty, Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keeffe and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith (Salish-Kootenai) compel us to reconsider the relationships between art, the environment and ourselves.”

This is not a review of the exhibit. I am sharing a few works from the exhibit that I particularly enjoyed.

The exhibit began with indigenous artifacts of the past and a Land Acknowledgment reflecting PEM’s presence on what was land once occupied by native people long before it was settled by Europeans. Rachel Allen, one of the PEM curators who worked on this project, wrote this about the statement in her blog post:

“Twelve of the 22 works in the show by Native American artists are from PEM’s collection. The first one you will encounter, a delicately carved bear sculpture, accompanies the Land Acknowledgment — a statement that formally recognizes the Indigenous caretakers of the land and serves to show gratitude to Indigenous people of the region as well as their ancestors and future generations. “

This statement was followed by a video work by Nicholas Galanin. These videos combined indigenous music with modern dance, and then modern music with native american dance. There are two parts with more about his meaning in the description of each video (click to see). I shared on my story on Instagram but the links didn’t work so I wanted to share here:

Another powerful piece, among many, was the video of “Mirror Shield Action 2016” from the protests at Standing Rock in 2016. Click on photo below or link above to see a video of this project.

While there was much more to the exhibit, these video works really spoke to me and were something I wanted to share. I hope you will take some time to read through the links and view the videos. Even better, swing by PEM yourself before May to have a look!

2018 Sketchbook Flip Thru

This week I am sharing a flip thru of a recent sketchbook I completed. I'm enjoying collaborating with Mike on these. He makes some instrumental music for me to lay down for the videos. This one has more talking than usual - sharing more about what and how I did some of the sketches. Lots of watercolor and some doodling too!

365 Project Vlog #2

I’m just getting warmed up with the vlogs and thought I would try another. Have a look at let me know what you think!

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My amazing website designer Lily Weitzman, helped me get set up as an Amazon Affiliate. You will find a resource page now on my website to help students find the products I recommend for classes, or anyone to reference for purchases. Right now I have favorite materials posted for visual journaling, bookbinding, framing, gelli printing, and even watercolor supplies!

Please comment below if you have any questions about materials!

365 Project VLOG #1 - Painted Bunting

As I mentioned in last week’s blog post I am doing a 365 day watercolor painting project. My goal is to get better at watercolor painting and really hone in on my style this year.

Since I am sitting down to paint just about every day, I thought maybe I could just leave my current video filming set-up ready to go and twice a month or so I will film my painting.

Here is the first, a painted bunting!

Music by Mike Bethmann (aka hubs)… he is also taking on the challenge to make two songs per month.

Right now this is just (sped-up) painting with music and no talking. I may add voice over chatty-ness eventually. I’d love to know what you think - do you prefer a chatty or non-chatty video? Email me or leave a comment below! Thanks!

365 Day Project Prints in my Shop!

Have you seen my posts on Instagram this month? I decided to do a 365 Day project. Have a look here if you haven’t see the work so far!

Why a daily project? Well, I want to be accountable to myself to make something every day and I really like seeing my style evolve with daily art-making. I felt the accountability challenges I have done (The 100 Day Project here and Inktober here) really were great for improving my skills with drawing and watercolors. So here’s hoping for more of that!

I am following an astrology-related theme for some of the drawings to give me some focus. I even added my word of the year to one of my favorites and shared that in last week’s blog which I thought was neat.

Have a look below for some recent drawings and pop over to my shop to see what originals, unframed prints and framed prints I have available!