As the year winds to a close it has become a tradition for me to get involved in Carve December. This is an instagram challenge planned by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, an amazing artist and author of Carve, Stamp, Play. I share her book as a resource in my blockprinting classes.

Why another challenge? I really believe that these challenges have moved my work forward. Last year I participated in this challenge and since then I have started teaching in-person blockprinting classes. Other challenges this year, the 100 Day project and Inktober, both pushed my style forward. I am excited for what has yet to bubble up there. So, I think challenges can be hard, but also so good. You can’t help but see progress with a daily art-making practice.

For this year’s #CarveDecember Julie has provided some prompts for the month. So far I am going along with them; that is a first for me, usually I follow my own whims. I want to try to make two-color stamps, but of course that means I have to make more than one stamp. Some days that just might not be possible. I am also interested in trying a stamp that connects to itself to make a larger image. That requires some careful measuring… we will see what the month brings.

For now, here are my stamps from the first few days. Please follow me on Instagram for the daily updates!