Curious about Get Messy?

Get Messy is an online community of artists with activity happening all the time. Check out #getmessyartjournal on IG to see just how many artists are involved and the awesome art they are making!  This post contains affiliate links.


Get Messy operates on "seasons" which are two month cycles with weekly prompts designed to get you making on the theme of the season. They also offer weekly tutorials from experts on various art making activities each season. This past season-Season of Kindness-highlighted the bookbinding talents of Kiala Givehand and the Season of Connections in 2017 (which was one of my favorites) highlighted Brandi Kincaid. The upcoming season-Season of Play-is highlighting the work of Sketchbook Skool... Have a look at these IG links and you will see jut how much variety is offered from season to season. 

Get Messy is designed to spark your interest and get you creating no matter what appeals to you. The tutorials every week always get me inspired to get to the studio one way or another. I also love the weekly hangouts. Artists from around the world (LITERALLY) all log in to a google hangout to chat and make art together; it is fun and chatty! IRL art meet ups happen also and there are posts on the Get Messy private forum to plan those. I also have enjoyed being in a collaborative journal with an artist from Sweden - by.smilinthyme on IG - and hope to do more of that in the future. 

If you decide to join for a year, please use THIS link and as an affiliate I will get 10% of your annual membership fee! I get that for being a Gold Member, which is something I paid to join.  I joined as a Gold Member because it is a lot of fun and gets me motivated to get into the studio. I've made some great online art friends and have enjoyed being a part of this great group of creative people - you might too!