Upcoming class Aug 11 - Sign up today!

carving leaf photo.jpg

I am going to be teaching my popular blockprinting class at the Newburyport Art Association on August 11 9:30-11:30. In this class, students will make at least two stamps: one using my provided sample images and one with a design of their own creation. 

The way I structure this class is to start with some sample designs to help students get comfortable with the tools, but not overwhelmed with a design that is too intricate. Then, once students are familiar with the tools, we work together to design a larger stamp. I have resource materials that students can use to sketch out a few ideas. We can discuss the intricacies of each student's design and learn from one another. Everyone who has attended this class leaves feeling excited about what they have made and happy to have learned a new skill! 

I provide all materials for students, but if you are interested in buying your own tools to use at home, I do have an Amazon Idea List set up with my recommended tools. 

A note, if you or a friend has ever wanted to try a class like this, Newburyport Art Association is offering this class at a great price, so this is a really great time to give it a try! Please sign up for the class today!