Travelling with my art supplies

I recently traveled to NYC for an art-y meetup, so not only did I need my regular sketching kit, but I needed a few things to work with while we were hanging out making art together. I thought I would share what I usually pack for art making on a day trip and compare that to what I brought to NYC. 

My typical travel set-up for a day trip includes my travel watercolor kit (I have had this one for many years), a water brush (holds water in the handle), a pencil or two (plus extra eraser), a micron, and my sketchbook.

For my trip to NYC I included a few more items. We were travelling on foot, so I wanted to keep it light. In addition to the day-trip kit, I included a mini Messy Artist journal, my favorite midnight blue acrylic (Paper Artsy Fresco Finish, purchased here...not sure if they still have this color), small brushes, a glue pen (not pictured), some collage material, stapler, hole punch, scissors, and some mark making items (small circular stamps, etc). I also brought a handmade journal (not pictured...but I am planning a flip through soon!) and collected materials from our travels. While in NYC, I bought two brush pens and a gelli pen from Muji as well as the Kuretake white ink and sumi ink. I also collected lots of stuff from our travels, and included a fun art decisions dice my kids gave me. 

I put it all into a pencil case (my own from Society6) and a take out dumpling container!

Do you create when you travel? I'd love to hear what you pack! Happy travels!