365 Project VLOG #1 - Painted Bunting

As I mentioned in last week’s blog post I am doing a 365 day watercolor painting project. My goal is to get better at watercolor painting and really hone in on my style this year.

Since I am sitting down to paint just about every day, I thought maybe I could just leave my current video filming set-up ready to go and twice a month or so I will film my painting.

Here is the first, a painted bunting!

Music by Mike Bethmann (aka hubs)… he is also taking on the challenge to make two songs per month.

Right now this is just (sped-up) painting with music and no talking. I may add voice over chatty-ness eventually. I’d love to know what you think - do you prefer a chatty or non-chatty video? Email me or leave a comment below! Thanks!