Summer blog recap!


Art-wise I am currently in the middle of a few projects, that are not ready to share. Life-wise, I am busy. Let’s be real, summer is a balancing act!

So, I thought this week I would share a few favorite blog posts to celebrate my run of posting weekly blogs since February 2018! That’s a lot of content… Let’s review…

First off, I had a great 100 Day Project this year and while I’m still working at it, I posted about it here with a link to a video about my process. I also have some of the work in my shop.

I really enjoyed making a Space Zine in December 2018 and shared a flip through that month.

#carvedecember is always a fun project that I’ve completed for the past few years. I shared some stamps in this blog from December.

My Labyrinth Journal was a very special project and I shared a flip through here.

I loved my little Season of Ubuntu journal and shared the flip through here.

Oh, also I forgot about these oil pastel sketches I did last year. Loved those! They inspired some of my current oil paintings which I posted in my painting portfolio.

Plus, I have a few free online tutorials to help you all get started with making some art of your own.

I hope you will scroll through these links and check out some of my other content on my site!

In fact, by the end of August I plan to have a new collection of work ready to share. Please subscribe to my newsletter to get an announcement when that is ready to be released!

Happy Summer!