Sanibel travel journal

For the past few summers I have made a little travel journal to document a special trip. Last summer it was my trip to NYC with Eliza and the summer before it was a sketch every time we went to the beach (which was a lot that year!). These aren’t big journals… just 13 pages or so for some visual reflection.

I planned to do one for our family trip to Sanibel while we were there, but it just didn’t click at the time. There was a very real chance it would not click, because I was so busy with work right after our trip. Luckily, over the past few weeks I have enjoyed looking back at our photos from that vacation and got into some watercolor sketches over gesso. Once I added a little heading to each page, it became a finished “thing”!

Click on the photos to scroll through the journal. I pasted in some ticket stubs and maps on the inside front and back cover and left space for journaling on the palm tree page.