A Conversation - Vacation Journal Series

Last week we traveled to the Adirondacks for the exhibit (mentioned in last week’s blog here) and to visit with family. I always try to bring art supplies, or at least a sketchbook when we travel anywhere. Since we were driving, I could bring a few more supplies. In fact, I did a quick tour of the supplies I brought over on my Instagram stories earlier this week. I saved it in my Journaling highlight if you want to take a look at what I brought with me.

I really enjoyed having the limited supplies to keep me focused and allow me to get to work quickly. One evening we were watching a movie and I was sitting near my mom’s art supplies so I did sneak some gold and paynes' gray from her stash… shhh…

I made about a spread every two days. Thought I would share a tour of these spreads this week. I ended up viewing this as a conversation among the pages. Click on through the pictures below …What do you think?