Season of Documenting Journal Flip Through

I faced a little creative block in August, and really relied on my journal to keep making a little bit every day. I credit the community and motivation of Get Messy for keeping me making, even when I wasn’t feeling it.

I love being a member of Get Messy! It is an online creative group that provides weekly prompts and tutorials that help keep you making. Get Messy’s last season was Season of Documenting. I talked more about Get Messy on my blog here.

This season, I was able to make quite a few pages, both on the theme and just on my own themes as well. Some pages are representative of tutorials led by so many other awesome artists.

Have a look at the gallery below for a sample of some of my favorite pages. I’m also sharing a link to my YouTube channel where I am sharing a full flip through of the season’s pages. I did this season within a larger journal, and will do a full video of that journal next week!