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How is it almost March already! This year is just flying by. In honor of it being ‘almost’ a few things in the Northern Hemisphere…. March… Spring… end of Winter… I am happy to share the March Calendar Page! Subscribers get this in their in-box each month. so if you want to be sure that you get it, please subscribe in the “Let’s Connect” box below. Today, I am also sharing March’s page here to thank you for visiting!

Did someone say treats? New gift for subscribers and a resource guide!


I am excited to share a calendar printable for current subscribers! The calendar printable is colorful, with an art activity tip for the month and one of my original paintings.

New subscribers will get the most current month and existing subscribers will get each month with their e-newsletter.

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My amazing website designer Lily Weitzman, helped me get set up as an Amazon Affiliate. You will find a resource page now on my website to help students find the products I recommend for classes, or anyone to reference for purchases. Right now I have favorite materials posted for visual journaling, bookbinding, framing, gelli printing, and even watercolor supplies!

Please comment below if you have any questions about materials!

365 Day Project Prints in my Shop!

Have you seen my posts on Instagram this month? I decided to do a 365 Day project. Have a look here if you haven’t see the work so far!

Why a daily project? Well, I want to be accountable to myself to make something every day and I really like seeing my style evolve with daily art-making. I felt the accountability challenges I have done (The 100 Day Project here and Inktober here) really were great for improving my skills with drawing and watercolors. So here’s hoping for more of that!

I am following an astrology-related theme for some of the drawings to give me some focus. I even added my word of the year to one of my favorites and shared that in last week’s blog which I thought was neat.

Have a look below for some recent drawings and pop over to my shop to see what originals, unframed prints and framed prints I have available!

Original 100 Day Drawings for Sale

C_JBETHMANN Chickadee.jpg

When I started this project the idea of selling the prints didn't even cross my mind! Thanks to some encouraging words from friends near and far, I have decided to offer a few different ways to get your hands on these drawings. 

In my shop you'll find the following


1) Originals:  I have posted originals of the drawings that are most suitable for display. The ones I am offering will come signed and ready for you to frame as you wish. Prices range from $10 to $50 per print, which includes standard domestic U.S. shipping. Contact me first if you require international shipping.

2) Printables of a single image: I am offering a limited amount of images that you could print yourself at home. These include the word "Digital" prior to the title and noticeably cheaper; around $5 a piece.  You could frame a few of these up for a nice kitchen decorations!  A few, like this artichoke, are on vintage papers too. The digital images are for personal use only and not for resale. 


3) Collage Ephemera and Stickers: I have a few sticker sheets, 3" round grapefruit stickers, and some ephemera pages on vintage papers available as well. These range in size and price but are pretty affordable. The digital images are for personal use only and not for resale. 

If you would like a specific image or custom order (i.e. something on vintage paper that isn't), let me know and I'd be happy to put that together!  Please note, that some of the originals are on odd sized paper (wishing now I hadn't done that, right?) so that is why not all of the illustrations are available as originals.

Email me with any questions! Thanks for your support!

New Products in My Shop

The Artichoke print framed, others in my shop!

The Artichoke print framed, others in my shop!

I am excited to share some new products in my shop this week! I have been doing #The100DayProject led by Elle Luna, and have come up with a few illustrations that I really love. I have turned them into a few different printables.

For framing: A new product I just added is a single larger image on a vintage page from a French/English Dictionary. I have printed up the artichoke and have it framed in my office in a frame that has a window of 7.5" x 9.5" and it looks great! This frame is from Target a few years ago, but I'm sure they have something similar in stock. These would make a unique and special gift for Mother's Day with a frame of your choice! 

For journaling and scrapbooking: There are small images on vintage papers in different languages that can be used in collage or glued into your scrapbooks.

For Spiritual Guidance: A few years ago I made this set of Chakra Cards. Each card includes the mantra (i.e. Om, Ham, Yam, Ng, etc.) for that Chakra along with some printing and decorations on the front. To use, settle yourself in a comfortable position, focus on the card visually, and repeat the mantra slowly over a few minutes. This is a method of helping to align that Chakra and the area of your life that the Chakra supports. It is a simple and nice addition to your altar or mediation practice. 



Stickers and Magnets: Yippee!! I have a limited number of single magnets of the grapefruit image and single large (3"x3") stickers of the grapefruit, as well as sticker sheets with 6 stickers including the grapefruit, ginger, pomegranate, cantaloupe wedge, lemon, and scallions. For those of you who are attending the Awesome Ladies Project conference this year, I am going to be offering one of these sheets in the swag bags that Kristen is putting together. Here's to creative collaboration!

And of course, if there is something you've seen of my work that you would like to purchase, let me know. I am available for custom orders and illustration projects!

My beloved grapefruit!

My beloved grapefruit!