Tarot Spread for the Year Ahead and a Rituals Flip Through Video

I haven’t talked much about my interest in Tarot here… I am just a beginner in the study of this deep realm.

I enjoy using the Tarot to do a daily card pull and journal about the card and how it fits into my life.

Last year around this time I also did a 13 card reading and used it in my work in Rituals - an online visual journaling class led by Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd. Registration to join for this coming year is only open through Jan 15, 2019 through that link. A really great, really deep class - I would not hesitate to sign up and was actually considering going through it again.

Below is a picture of my opening spread to this journal. The left side is the words as set using my 13 card spread and the right side was completed one month at a time.

Rituals Spread.jpg

I did a flip through on my YouTube channel, here.

Ok, back to the Tarot.

The decks I have are the Wild Unknown and The Fountain Tarot. I have used my Wild Unknown deck for my learning to date and received The Fountain Tarot deck this year as a gift. People say that each deck has a feeling - it is really true! When I was looking for my first deck I was advised to trust my interest in the imagery as a way to choose a deck. The Wild Unknown is a beautiful deck!

I regularly reference this blog - The Royal Road - to search the deeper meanings of each card. The small guidebooks within each set are helpful, but really just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out my pinterest board on the topic for some examples of these spreads and more. A few sample card pulls to try (that can be found on the pinterest board):

Daily Card:: Shuffle the deck and place face down. Pick a card that calls to you and review the image. Before looking up the meaning right away think about what you interpret the meaning to be. Research the meaning and take some time to journal your initial reaction and how this card might fit in your plans for the day ahead.

13 Card Year-Ahead:: For the 13 card spread, you shuffle a deck of your choice and fan out the cards face down. Pull at random one card for each month of the year. You can shuffle in between each pull or not. BE thoughtful and quiet in this action. Lay out cards you have pulled on your desk or table in a circle going clockwise with January at the top. The 13th card is placed in the center and defines the overarching tone for the year. Some people only pull from the major arcana for this spread, which simplifies it a little and makes good sense especially if the full deck and suits seems overwhelming.

7 Card Year-Ahead:: The 7-card spread is another year-ahead option. This spread as I have used it reflects on the past year and incorporates what you have learned into the year ahead. I like this method and may try this for 2019 as well as the 13 card spread I have already pulled.

Best wishes for you in 2019! Happy New Year!