In Like a Lion..... March 2019 Calendar Page -

How is it almost March already! This year is just flying by. In honor of it being ‘almost’ a few things in the Northern Hemisphere…. March… Spring… end of Winter… I am happy to share the March Calendar Page! Subscribers get this in their in-box each month. so if you want to be sure that you get it, please subscribe in the “Let’s Connect” box below. Today, I am also sharing March’s page here to thank you for visiting!

365 Day Project Prints in my Shop!

Have you seen my posts on Instagram this month? I decided to do a 365 Day project. Have a look here if you haven’t see the work so far!

Why a daily project? Well, I want to be accountable to myself to make something every day and I really like seeing my style evolve with daily art-making. I felt the accountability challenges I have done (The 100 Day Project here and Inktober here) really were great for improving my skills with drawing and watercolors. So here’s hoping for more of that!

I am following an astrology-related theme for some of the drawings to give me some focus. I even added my word of the year to one of my favorites and shared that in last week’s blog which I thought was neat.

Have a look below for some recent drawings and pop over to my shop to see what originals, unframed prints and framed prints I have available!

Holiday Order Deadlines

OK friends, we are in the home stretch! If you are still looking for a unique holiday gift for someone special I still have original art, printables, prints, and even access to art classes available for you to give this season!


>>> Prints - Order by 12/13 overnight shipping to receive by Christmas

>>> In-Person - I have framed prints for sale at Rhythm Cafe in Merrimac through 12/22

>>> Original Art - Order by 12/19 priority shipping to receive by Christmas

>>> Printables - Order by 12/24 to receive download and print at home by Christmas

See something you love but is not mentioned here? Reach out to me and I would be glad to set it up!

final hen.jpg

My 100 Day Project Step-by-Step

I thought I would share my process for the illustrations I did for the #the100dayproject. I started back in April thinking I would have a theme for each week, and I got (happily) stuck in the land of fruit, veggies, and flowers. After the mid-point I started branching out a little to give myself some variety. I have done a number of drawings that I never posted because they just didn't turn out. Like a pineapple, papaya, a bunch of birds, a thistle flower, some herbs... there are quiet a few! My daughter actually has the pineapple drawing hanging in her room - pretty sweet! 

I start by sketching out a few illustrations. Usually I do more than one, and then I land on the style I like the most. Then I darken the outlines and trace it onto watercolor paper using the light in the window. I am usually working on more than one drawing at this point. Once it is on watercolor paper, I add the micron pen detail, erase the pencil lines, and then start to add watercolor. Sometimes I do the watercolor first and leave the pencil lines until after.

Clean water for watercolor is the most important suggestion I could make in working with watercolors. I keep three water jars nearby. Depending on the colors I'm working with, I use one for yellow, one for red, and one for blue or green. If I am using a purple or black that will change it up. Working with muddy water really ruins the final result. I start with my largest brush and add washy color. I try to be patient and let each layer dry before adding smaller and smaller details of color. Letting the color dry in between layers especially at the beginning is also super important. I love the washy effects and happy accidents of working wet-on-wet, but this works best for me on a small scale at the very end of the process. For some of my flowers, I Iet the paint puddle and dry. These little birds in my example photos became more delicate with final details.

The painting comes together and this is where it becomes more of a daily project. Some finish quickly and others take a few days, so that influences what I post when. You can see the entire collection on my website, or on Twitter, where I have pretty much only posted these drawings. On my Instagram I have posted daily art making with this project as well, so there is lots more art overall to see there. 

I have put a few items on my Society6 page as well. Is there a specific drawing you would like a print of? Let me know!!  Next year I will sell originals, but I didn't even think of that when I started this 100 days ago....


Accordion Flip Thru Video


I made this accordion flip through in early February following a tutorial from Kiala Givehand, who was the featured artist on Get Messy for the Season of Kindness. I ended up using the journal to hold photographs and sketches from our recent trip to Key Biscayne and the Miami area. I sketched on Strathmore Mixed Media paper, because this paper has a stiffer quality but can handle both watercolor and pen. The photographs were mounted on Strathmore Art Again black paper. Please have a look at my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to know about upcoming videos!

Sketches at the beach

While in Florida last week I was working in my Kindness Accordion Pocket journal that I made following a tutorial through Get Messy Art Journal community. In each pocket I have a small card of mixed media paper that I cut down to fit the pocket.  I have used these cards to sketch beach scenes and memories I want to keep. Using watercolor and a fine point sharpie I finish each to include in the book. 

Palm Trees in the Wind at the Ritz on Key Biscayne, FL

Palm Trees in the Wind at the Ritz on Key Biscayne, FL