2019 Journal Flip Thru

I finished a journal recently, which is always exciting. Last week I shared just the Season of Documenting pages, maybe the last 10 pages or so. See that post here.

This week I am sharing the completed journal. I started this journal a while back… Probably more than a year of working in this book. I like seeing the evolution of my style through the pages, and I hope you do too.

Toward the end of the book I was travelling and working with limited supplies- which is very freeing and I think the looser pages reflect that, do you?

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Season of Documenting Journal Flip Through

I faced a little creative block in August, and really relied on my journal to keep making a little bit every day. I credit the community and motivation of Get Messy for keeping me making, even when I wasn’t feeling it.

I love being a member of Get Messy! It is an online creative group that provides weekly prompts and tutorials that help keep you making. Get Messy’s last season was Season of Documenting. I talked more about Get Messy on my blog here.

This season, I was able to make quite a few pages, both on the theme and just on my own themes as well. Some pages are representative of tutorials led by so many other awesome artists.

Have a look at the gallery below for a sample of some of my favorite pages. I’m also sharing a link to my YouTube channel where I am sharing a full flip through of the season’s pages. I did this season within a larger journal, and will do a full video of that journal next week!

A Conversation - Vacation Journal Series

Last week we traveled to the Adirondacks for the exhibit (mentioned in last week’s blog here) and to visit with family. I always try to bring art supplies, or at least a sketchbook when we travel anywhere. Since we were driving, I could bring a few more supplies. In fact, I did a quick tour of the supplies I brought over on my Instagram stories earlier this week. I saved it in my Journaling highlight if you want to take a look at what I brought with me.

I really enjoyed having the limited supplies to keep me focused and allow me to get to work quickly. One evening we were watching a movie and I was sitting near my mom’s art supplies so I did sneak some gold and paynes' gray from her stash… shhh…

I made about a spread every two days. Thought I would share a tour of these spreads this week. I ended up viewing this as a conversation among the pages. Click on through the pictures below …What do you think?

Sanibel travel journal

For the past few summers I have made a little travel journal to document a special trip. Last summer it was my trip to NYC with Eliza and the summer before it was a sketch every time we went to the beach (which was a lot that year!). These aren’t big journals… just 13 pages or so for some visual reflection.

I planned to do one for our family trip to Sanibel while we were there, but it just didn’t click at the time. There was a very real chance it would not click, because I was so busy with work right after our trip. Luckily, over the past few weeks I have enjoyed looking back at our photos from that vacation and got into some watercolor sketches over gesso. Once I added a little heading to each page, it became a finished “thing”!

Click on the photos to scroll through the journal. I pasted in some ticket stubs and maps on the inside front and back cover and left space for journaling on the palm tree page.


Summer blog recap!


Art-wise I am currently in the middle of a few projects, that are not ready to share. Life-wise, I am busy. Let’s be real, summer is a balancing act!

So, I thought this week I would share a few favorite blog posts to celebrate my run of posting weekly blogs since February 2018! That’s a lot of content… Let’s review…

First off, I had a great 100 Day Project this year and while I’m still working at it, I posted about it here with a link to a video about my process. I also have some of the work in my shop.

I really enjoyed making a Space Zine in December 2018 and shared a flip through that month.

#carvedecember is always a fun project that I’ve completed for the past few years. I shared some stamps in this blog from December.

My Labyrinth Journal was a very special project and I shared a flip through here.

I loved my little Season of Ubuntu journal and shared the flip through here.

Oh, also I forgot about these oil pastel sketches I did last year. Loved those! They inspired some of my current oil paintings which I posted in my painting portfolio.

Plus, I have a few free online tutorials to help you all get started with making some art of your own.

I hope you will scroll through these links and check out some of my other content on my site!

In fact, by the end of August I plan to have a new collection of work ready to share. Please subscribe to my newsletter to get an announcement when that is ready to be released!

Happy Summer!


Creative Flow

Recent print from my 100 Day project

Recent print from my 100 Day project

This week I thought I would share a recap of some recent projects with links. I love making, experimenting, and learning new things. My regular creative practice includes a lot of experimentation in a range of different media:

Printmaking studio view

Printmaking studio view

Printmaking - I have a small space in my home where I've set up my inks and papers, to do hand printing. I have taught block printing and gelli printing, and made a few short videos on my current work which is a ‘transfer’ monotype using a plastic bag. With this method, I'm completing the 100 Day project with #100daysofprintmaking and really enjoying myself. 

Some links:

·       A quick video of my current process:

·       A short video on Instagram of a recent print

·       Two gelli printing tutorials on the Get Messy free blog: 


Painting – I paint using oil paints and cold wax medium, which thickens up the paint and allows for layering and mark making. Some of these pieces are in the portfolio section of my website here.


blockprinting meets journaling

blockprinting meets journaling

Collage/Mixed Media Journaling - Collage holds a special space in my daily making. I love experimenting with combining papers, enhancing patterns, and of course using my own stamps and prints in my collages. I find this so relaxing and enjoyable. A few pages have been shared in Brush Magazine, and some are on my website here.


Public Art: I also completing a public art project for my church this fall which will be a labyrinth on 12’ x 12’ canvas. During the process I have made a journal about the process and a full size labyrinth out of sticks in my yard. I'm loving this and excited to see where it leads. The end date of this project is October 16 when it will be presented at a community reception.

Buddy with the Labyrinth this Spring

Buddy with the Labyrinth this Spring

Some links:

·       Labyrinth Journal flip thru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu1RdiWEXKk  

·       Walking the 12’x12’ Stick Labyrinth in my yard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfQtI3_CK_M&t=46s


Illustration - Although I am doing less of this at the current moment, this informs my work, my comfort level with color mixing and watercolor. I have some examples of watercolor illustration on my website here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip through my art making world. Feel free to email me with any questions!

Fabric Journal "Before" Video

I’m sharing a fabric journal I recently made over on my YouTube Channel this week.

I have had this stash of fabric sitting on my desk for a while now, and just didn’t want to get out the sewing machine. A few sewing projects piled up on my desk last week, so I finally got it stitched together. I see this book as just filled to the brim with stitches, ephemera, and other interesting trinkets over time. So this video is the “before” in a way. Added some talking to this one to add some detail about my process.

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Spring 2019 Journal Flip Thru

I have been working slowly through this small journal that I made back in January with my good friend Lily at our DIY retreat, which I wrote about on the blog here.

I’m just about done with this little book, so I am going to share few of my favorite spreads. There are some in here that I don’t want to share, because after all this is a visual ‘journal.’ Visual journaling is such a personal, calming, and evolving practice that I love to do at the end of a busy day. There is room in here for exploring materials, themes, thoughts and feelings and that is what makes this type of journaling practice so wonderful. Not every page is social media worthy, and maybe these aren’t either…but I love them still!

If you are intrigued and would like to learn more, I am teaching a class on visual journaling on June 15 at Newburyport Art Association 9-11am. Cost is $20 for NAA members and $25 for non members. Register at their site here. This class is perfect for any level of artist. In the class, I’ll share a few tips and tricks for getting started with visual journaling and techniques I love to use as well. Plus it is really a nice morning with a bunch of other creative folks! I hope you can join me.

Ok, on to the journal! Enjoy!

Labyrinth Project - Journal Flip Thru

I am currently completing a project to design and create a walkable labyrinth for use by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Haverhill. In my process of learning about various type of labyrinth patterns, I began by sketching out ideas into a visual journal that I originally made in a class with Orly Avineri last fall.

This journal was so fun to work on - I love the mixed media aesthetic. In the journal, I carried through patterns, stamps, and owls. I am sharing the flip thru video this week!

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Enjoy the video below!

There are two upcoming important dates if you want to experience this project in person:

May 15, 7-9pm - The Haverhill Cultural Council is hosting a grantee reception (10 Welcome Street, Haverhill, MA). I will be there to share this journal and more about the process so far.

October 16, 7-8:30pm - Reverend Frank Clarkson, Bets Robertson, and I will be hosting a reception at UUCH, (15 Kenoza Ave, Haverhill, MA) with the finished labyrinth, a talk about the meaning of the labyrinth, and time for a walking meditation.

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Haverhill Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.


Accordion Journal Flip Thru

I made this accordion journal back in 2018 and loved the background so much, I thought I would never be able to cover it up. Basically, I took a large sheet of paper and painted, made marks, sprayed water, let it drip and dry and then did it all over again. It took on a weathered look with nuggets of good color, texture and pattern.

To make the book itself, I tore down the large sheet of paper (once painted) into three equal strips and carefully glued them together at the ends. Folded it up evenly as an accordion, and viola!

During this most recent Get Messy season (Season of Celebration) I picked up this little journal, and just didn’t put it down. Lots of mark making with Posca pens, watercolors, acrylic paint, stamping, and collage in here.

I shot a quick video and am sharing this week. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos!

Did someone say treats? New gift for subscribers and a resource guide!


I am excited to share a calendar printable for current subscribers! The calendar printable is colorful, with an art activity tip for the month and one of my original paintings.

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My amazing website designer Lily Weitzman, helped me get set up as an Amazon Affiliate. You will find a resource page now on my website to help students find the products I recommend for classes, or anyone to reference for purchases. Right now I have favorite materials posted for visual journaling, bookbinding, framing, gelli printing, and even watercolor supplies!

Please comment below if you have any questions about materials!

Ubuntu Journal Flip Thru

Over with Get Messy I participated in the “Season of Ubuntu”. I’ve talked about Get Messy before on the blog, have a look here for more details. The season format really gets me making on a daily basis and this season we were encouraged to work small. I chose a small journal that I had made from scraps of different papers. At first I was worried it was going to have too many pages for the two month season, but I added in the lessons from Messy Marks, a class offered by Torri at Fox and Hazel (also on Get Messy’s membership site). I really love how this little book turned out!

Enjoy the flip thru!

Intuitive Journals from class with Orly Avineri

At the start of October I attended a week long retreat with artist Orly Avineri at Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn, MA. I thought it might be nice to share my journals from this class. I would say they are very much still in process…and may be “in process” for a long time. Something about that is so comforting to me. I don’t feel the need to finish these; I actually don’t know if they could ever BE finished! I have continued to add to them since the class. I love having them on the side of my desk when inspiration strikes. Enjoy this little flip through!

September daily journal challenge

This month I took the September 30 days of art journalling challenge on Creative Bug led by Lauren and Caylee of Get Messy. As a lifetime Get Messy member I did get the class for free and two months of Creative Bug also… what a steal!

While I don’t love every page, there are some good nuggets in here for sure! I also was more productive overall by getting that journal open every day. Kicked off a lot of other creative projects this month.

Creative challenges for the win! Here is a flip through video of my entire journal. Enjoy!

Season of Seasons pages

The past two months was the Seasons of Seasons over at Get Messy. I used a travel brochure I received in the mail as my journal this time. There are nine spreads plus the covers, so I basically followed along with the tutorials offered by the creative team. Get Messy also does a handful of prompts every week, but I knew I wouldn’t have the time for those, so I didn’t factor that into my journal size.

I always enjoy the tutorials! This month there were a few outside of my comfort zone, like the seasonal map and drawing the contents of my purse (which was the last one and definitely got the least attention). I am not sure those are my style, but they were still fun to do.


Summer 2018 Sketchbook Video

This summer I did a short sketchbook for our travels to NYC and the Adirondacks. I blogged about the trip a few weeks ago here.

Last summer, I did a larger (and longer) sketchbook that captured our many beach days. That flip thru was one of my very first videos... have a look here.

This summer, I kept it a little simpler, with more of a vibe of what we did during this trip on each page. Plus, I included some brush lettering practice. Have a look at this video and let me know what you think!

Travelling with my art supplies

I recently traveled to NYC for an art-y meetup, so not only did I need my regular sketching kit, but I needed a few things to work with while we were hanging out making art together. I thought I would share what I usually pack for art making on a day trip and compare that to what I brought to NYC. 

My typical travel set-up for a day trip includes my travel watercolor kit (I have had this one for many years), a water brush (holds water in the handle), a pencil or two (plus extra eraser), a micron, and my sketchbook.

For my trip to NYC I included a few more items. We were travelling on foot, so I wanted to keep it light. In addition to the day-trip kit, I included a mini Messy Artist journal, my favorite midnight blue acrylic (Paper Artsy Fresco Finish, purchased here...not sure if they still have this color), small brushes, a glue pen (not pictured), some collage material, stapler, hole punch, scissors, and some mark making items (small circular stamps, etc). I also brought a handmade journal (not pictured...but I am planning a flip through soon!) and collected materials from our travels. While in NYC, I bought two brush pens and a gelli pen from Muji as well as the Kuretake white ink and sumi ink. I also collected lots of stuff from our travels, and included a fun art decisions dice my kids gave me. 

I put it all into a pencil case (my own from Society6) and a take out dumpling container!

Do you create when you travel? I'd love to hear what you pack! Happy travels!


Season of Play Journal Pages

Season of Play with Get Messy has ended. I had a lot of fun trying the tutorials this season. I didn't really do any of the prompts this time around, but the tutorials ... oh boy... so good!  Also the partnership with Sketchbook Skool was very inspiring for sketchbook keeping, which I now want to do always! Finally, the Botanicals class by Alicia Schultz worked its way into my journal for this Season. If you are interested in learning more about Get Messy check out THIS link and join through my affiliate link!

My Season of Play journal was made of a stab bound journal with old book pages that I gessoed and added a little bookbinding tape to at the top. This tape helped reinforce the older paper with the Chicago Screws that are used in this binding method. The reason I used Chicago Screws was so I could take the pages in and out of the book, allowing me to work on each page individually. This also prevented a spine in the middle of each page, which I really like. I would make sure to let each page dry before putting it back in the book.

Here is a video of how I made my journal.

Here are the pages from this season!