Holiday Order Deadlines

OK friends, we are in the home stretch! If you are still looking for a unique holiday gift for someone special I still have original art, printables, prints, and even access to art classes available for you to give this season!


>>> Prints - Order by 12/13 overnight shipping to receive by Christmas

>>> In-Person - I have framed prints for sale at Rhythm Cafe in Merrimac through 12/22

>>> Original Art - Order by 12/19 priority shipping to receive by Christmas

>>> Printables - Order by 12/24 to receive download and print at home by Christmas

See something you love but is not mentioned here? Reach out to me and I would be glad to set it up!

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New Products in My Shop

The Artichoke print framed, others in my shop!

The Artichoke print framed, others in my shop!

I am excited to share some new products in my shop this week! I have been doing #The100DayProject led by Elle Luna, and have come up with a few illustrations that I really love. I have turned them into a few different printables.

For framing: A new product I just added is a single larger image on a vintage page from a French/English Dictionary. I have printed up the artichoke and have it framed in my office in a frame that has a window of 7.5" x 9.5" and it looks great! This frame is from Target a few years ago, but I'm sure they have something similar in stock. These would make a unique and special gift for Mother's Day with a frame of your choice! 

For journaling and scrapbooking: There are small images on vintage papers in different languages that can be used in collage or glued into your scrapbooks.

For Spiritual Guidance: A few years ago I made this set of Chakra Cards. Each card includes the mantra (i.e. Om, Ham, Yam, Ng, etc.) for that Chakra along with some printing and decorations on the front. To use, settle yourself in a comfortable position, focus on the card visually, and repeat the mantra slowly over a few minutes. This is a method of helping to align that Chakra and the area of your life that the Chakra supports. It is a simple and nice addition to your altar or mediation practice. 



Stickers and Magnets: Yippee!! I have a limited number of single magnets of the grapefruit image and single large (3"x3") stickers of the grapefruit, as well as sticker sheets with 6 stickers including the grapefruit, ginger, pomegranate, cantaloupe wedge, lemon, and scallions. For those of you who are attending the Awesome Ladies Project conference this year, I am going to be offering one of these sheets in the swag bags that Kristen is putting together. Here's to creative collaboration!

And of course, if there is something you've seen of my work that you would like to purchase, let me know. I am available for custom orders and illustration projects!

My beloved grapefruit!

My beloved grapefruit!