Original 100 Day Drawings for Sale

C_JBETHMANN Chickadee.jpg

When I started this project the idea of selling the prints didn't even cross my mind! Thanks to some encouraging words from friends near and far, I have decided to offer a few different ways to get your hands on these drawings. 

In my shop you'll find the following


1) Originals:  I have posted originals of the drawings that are most suitable for display. The ones I am offering will come signed and ready for you to frame as you wish. Prices range from $10 to $50 per print, which includes standard domestic U.S. shipping. Contact me first if you require international shipping.

2) Printables of a single image: I am offering a limited amount of images that you could print yourself at home. These include the word "Digital" prior to the title and noticeably cheaper; around $5 a piece.  You could frame a few of these up for a nice kitchen decorations!  A few, like this artichoke, are on vintage papers too. The digital images are for personal use only and not for resale. 


3) Collage Ephemera and Stickers: I have a few sticker sheets, 3" round grapefruit stickers, and some ephemera pages on vintage papers available as well. These range in size and price but are pretty affordable. The digital images are for personal use only and not for resale. 

If you would like a specific image or custom order (i.e. something on vintage paper that isn't), let me know and I'd be happy to put that together!  Please note, that some of the originals are on odd sized paper (wishing now I hadn't done that, right?) so that is why not all of the illustrations are available as originals.

Email me with any questions! Thanks for your support!

My 100 Day Project Step-by-Step

I thought I would share my process for the illustrations I did for the #the100dayproject. I started back in April thinking I would have a theme for each week, and I got (happily) stuck in the land of fruit, veggies, and flowers. After the mid-point I started branching out a little to give myself some variety. I have done a number of drawings that I never posted because they just didn't turn out. Like a pineapple, papaya, a bunch of birds, a thistle flower, some herbs... there are quiet a few! My daughter actually has the pineapple drawing hanging in her room - pretty sweet! 

I start by sketching out a few illustrations. Usually I do more than one, and then I land on the style I like the most. Then I darken the outlines and trace it onto watercolor paper using the light in the window. I am usually working on more than one drawing at this point. Once it is on watercolor paper, I add the micron pen detail, erase the pencil lines, and then start to add watercolor. Sometimes I do the watercolor first and leave the pencil lines until after.

Clean water for watercolor is the most important suggestion I could make in working with watercolors. I keep three water jars nearby. Depending on the colors I'm working with, I use one for yellow, one for red, and one for blue or green. If I am using a purple or black that will change it up. Working with muddy water really ruins the final result. I start with my largest brush and add washy color. I try to be patient and let each layer dry before adding smaller and smaller details of color. Letting the color dry in between layers especially at the beginning is also super important. I love the washy effects and happy accidents of working wet-on-wet, but this works best for me on a small scale at the very end of the process. For some of my flowers, I Iet the paint puddle and dry. These little birds in my example photos became more delicate with final details.

The painting comes together and this is where it becomes more of a daily project. Some finish quickly and others take a few days, so that influences what I post when. You can see the entire collection on my website, or on Twitter, where I have pretty much only posted these drawings. On my Instagram I have posted daily art making with this project as well, so there is lots more art overall to see there. 

I have put a few items on my Society6 page as well. Is there a specific drawing you would like a print of? Let me know!!  Next year I will sell originals, but I didn't even think of that when I started this 100 days ago....