Accordion Journal Flip Thru

I made this accordion journal back in 2018 and loved the background so much, I thought I would never be able to cover it up. Basically, I took a large sheet of paper and painted, made marks, sprayed water, let it drip and dry and then did it all over again. It took on a weathered look with nuggets of good color, texture and pattern.

To make the book itself, I tore down the large sheet of paper (once painted) into three equal strips and carefully glued them together at the ends. Folded it up evenly as an accordion, and viola!

During this most recent Get Messy season (Season of Celebration) I picked up this little journal, and just didn’t put it down. Lots of mark making with Posca pens, watercolors, acrylic paint, stamping, and collage in here.

I shot a quick video and am sharing this week. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos!

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Ubuntu Journal Flip Thru

Over with Get Messy I participated in the “Season of Ubuntu”. I’ve talked about Get Messy before on the blog, have a look here for more details. The season format really gets me making on a daily basis and this season we were encouraged to work small. I chose a small journal that I had made from scraps of different papers. At first I was worried it was going to have too many pages for the two month season, but I added in the lessons from Messy Marks, a class offered by Torri at Fox and Hazel (also on Get Messy’s membership site). I really love how this little book turned out!

Enjoy the flip thru!

Intuitive Journals from class with Orly Avineri

At the start of October I attended a week long retreat with artist Orly Avineri at Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn, MA. I thought it might be nice to share my journals from this class. I would say they are very much still in process…and may be “in process” for a long time. Something about that is so comforting to me. I don’t feel the need to finish these; I actually don’t know if they could ever BE finished! I have continued to add to them since the class. I love having them on the side of my desk when inspiration strikes. Enjoy this little flip through!

September daily journal challenge

This month I took the September 30 days of art journalling challenge on Creative Bug led by Lauren and Caylee of Get Messy. As a lifetime Get Messy member I did get the class for free and two months of Creative Bug also… what a steal!

While I don’t love every page, there are some good nuggets in here for sure! I also was more productive overall by getting that journal open every day. Kicked off a lot of other creative projects this month.

Creative challenges for the win! Here is a flip through video of my entire journal. Enjoy!

Season of Seasons pages

The past two months was the Seasons of Seasons over at Get Messy. I used a travel brochure I received in the mail as my journal this time. There are nine spreads plus the covers, so I basically followed along with the tutorials offered by the creative team. Get Messy also does a handful of prompts every week, but I knew I wouldn’t have the time for those, so I didn’t factor that into my journal size.

I always enjoy the tutorials! This month there were a few outside of my comfort zone, like the seasonal map and drawing the contents of my purse (which was the last one and definitely got the least attention). I am not sure those are my style, but they were still fun to do.


Summer 2018 Sketchbook Video

This summer I did a short sketchbook for our travels to NYC and the Adirondacks. I blogged about the trip a few weeks ago here.

Last summer, I did a larger (and longer) sketchbook that captured our many beach days. That flip thru was one of my very first videos... have a look here.

This summer, I kept it a little simpler, with more of a vibe of what we did during this trip on each page. Plus, I included some brush lettering practice. Have a look at this video and let me know what you think!

Travelling with my art supplies

I recently traveled to NYC for an art-y meetup, so not only did I need my regular sketching kit, but I needed a few things to work with while we were hanging out making art together. I thought I would share what I usually pack for art making on a day trip and compare that to what I brought to NYC. 

My typical travel set-up for a day trip includes my travel watercolor kit (I have had this one for many years), a water brush (holds water in the handle), a pencil or two (plus extra eraser), a micron, and my sketchbook.

For my trip to NYC I included a few more items. We were travelling on foot, so I wanted to keep it light. In addition to the day-trip kit, I included a mini Messy Artist journal, my favorite midnight blue acrylic (Paper Artsy Fresco Finish, purchased here...not sure if they still have this color), small brushes, a glue pen (not pictured), some collage material, stapler, hole punch, scissors, and some mark making items (small circular stamps, etc). I also brought a handmade journal (not pictured...but I am planning a flip through soon!) and collected materials from our travels. While in NYC, I bought two brush pens and a gelli pen from Muji as well as the Kuretake white ink and sumi ink. I also collected lots of stuff from our travels, and included a fun art decisions dice my kids gave me. 

I put it all into a pencil case (my own from Society6) and a take out dumpling container!

Do you create when you travel? I'd love to hear what you pack! Happy travels!


Season of Play Journal Pages

Season of Play with Get Messy has ended. I had a lot of fun trying the tutorials this season. I didn't really do any of the prompts this time around, but the tutorials ... oh boy... so good!  Also the partnership with Sketchbook Skool was very inspiring for sketchbook keeping, which I now want to do always! Finally, the Botanicals class by Alicia Schultz worked its way into my journal for this Season. If you are interested in learning more about Get Messy check out THIS link and join through my affiliate link!

My Season of Play journal was made of a stab bound journal with old book pages that I gessoed and added a little bookbinding tape to at the top. This tape helped reinforce the older paper with the Chicago Screws that are used in this binding method. The reason I used Chicago Screws was so I could take the pages in and out of the book, allowing me to work on each page individually. This also prevented a spine in the middle of each page, which I really like. I would make sure to let each page dry before putting it back in the book.

Here is a video of how I made my journal.

Here are the pages from this season!


Get Messy Season of Story-BONUS POST

Getting ready for the Season of Story with Get Messy over here!

I am using a book that I made using the long stitch binding and an old hardcover. I learned this technique from @dansmoncrane through Get Messy. A note...I am teaching this locally (with her permission) later in June. If you are interested in making your own check out my workshops. Also, check out the video of my book at the end of this post to see what you can learn to make and the book I will be using for Season of Story!

BUT, the MAIN point of this bonus post is to share that Get Messy is awesome. I joined last year and it has really ramped up my making and my art community! If you want to see what it is all about for a season (a 2 month period) joining now through my affiliate link costs nothing extra for you and pays me a little.... the deets...

• When you sign up for a Get Messy Season Pass you get access only to the Get Messy Season of Story posts between June 1st - July 31st. 

• Season Pass members have access to the Season of Story posts, the Get Messy private facebook group, the Get Messy forums and the discounted member shop.

• You can pay using Paypal or your debit/credit card. The payment is a one time fee and is not recurring. 

• When you purchase through my link I receive a commission, but you are not charged extra nor does this affect your purchase. 

• You can only purchase the pass between June 1-7

If you decide to join for the season, please use THIS link! Let me know if you have questions!

New workshop posted - Intro to Bookbinding in May!

I am pleased to share that I will be offering a bookbinding class at the Merrimac Public Library on May 23, 6:30-8:30pm. Join me to make a few unique items for gifts or to use yourself.

I love working in my handmade journals as sketchbooks, for memory keeping, and for visual journals. At this class I will share examples of how I use the journals we will be making. The first is a simple pamphlet single signature booklet where the cover is just slightly heavier material than the inside pages. This will help you to get comfortable with the materials. Our second project will use old book covers and a long stitch method to bind unique papers into the already existing hard cover binding. I learned about this long stitch method from Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd through her Bookbinding class offered by Get Messy, and I think you will love it as much as I do.

No experience is necessary and all materials will be provided- what could be easier! If you are at all interested check it out on my workshop page at my website and register today!


Accordion Flip Thru Video


I made this accordion flip through in early February following a tutorial from Kiala Givehand, who was the featured artist on Get Messy for the Season of Kindness. I ended up using the journal to hold photographs and sketches from our recent trip to Key Biscayne and the Miami area. I sketched on Strathmore Mixed Media paper, because this paper has a stiffer quality but can handle both watercolor and pen. The photographs were mounted on Strathmore Art Again black paper. Please have a look at my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to know about upcoming videos!

Season of Kindness Journal Flip Through

I just completed my Season of Kindness Journal through Get Messy. I did some fun activities, including kind little art-y messages that I left out in public for people to find, mailing some kindness mail to friends, and also working in a journal dedicated to the season. I mad a 16-page pamphlet bound journal for the season and here are a few of the most successful pages. This is a place where I explore, try out new techniques, and let it all go. I included more quotes this season to bring some themes into focus for each spread. 

I am an affiliate of Get Messy, so if you are interested in adding more art making into your life, check them out, and read my last post all about it! If you join for a year I get 10% of your purchase if you use my link.

Curious about Get Messy?

Get Messy is an online community of artists with activity happening all the time. Check out #getmessyartjournal on IG to see just how many artists are involved and the awesome art they are making!  This post contains affiliate links.


Get Messy operates on "seasons" which are two month cycles with weekly prompts designed to get you making on the theme of the season. They also offer weekly tutorials from experts on various art making activities each season. This past season-Season of Kindness-highlighted the bookbinding talents of Kiala Givehand and the Season of Connections in 2017 (which was one of my favorites) highlighted Brandi Kincaid. The upcoming season-Season of Play-is highlighting the work of Sketchbook Skool... Have a look at these IG links and you will see jut how much variety is offered from season to season. 

Get Messy is designed to spark your interest and get you creating no matter what appeals to you. The tutorials every week always get me inspired to get to the studio one way or another. I also love the weekly hangouts. Artists from around the world (LITERALLY) all log in to a google hangout to chat and make art together; it is fun and chatty! IRL art meet ups happen also and there are posts on the Get Messy private forum to plan those. I also have enjoyed being in a collaborative journal with an artist from Sweden - by.smilinthyme on IG - and hope to do more of that in the future. 

If you decide to join for a year, please use THIS link and as an affiliate I will get 10% of your annual membership fee! I get that for being a Gold Member, which is something I paid to join.  I joined as a Gold Member because it is a lot of fun and gets me motivated to get into the studio. I've made some great online art friends and have enjoyed being a part of this great group of creative people - you might too!