Visual Journaling - Suggested Supplies:

Iā€™m suggesting two journal options and multiple glue options, but there are so many choices. Start with what you have on hand and you will find what you love working with over time.

Additional items:

Fine tip sharpie or other permanent black marker or pen; spray bottle with water; old magazines and cut outs; any special papers; stickers, receipts or other collections from your day; any watercolors or paints you have on hand; glue sticks; old gift card or credit card; scissors; paper towels or rags for clean up; cup with water; paper plate or scrap paper for a palette; items to stamp/make marks with ā€¦ paper towel roll, egg cartons, bubble wrap, etc.

Bookbinding - Suggested supplies to make your own pamphlet book:

Additional items:

Special papers, old prints, old book pages.

Gelli Printing - Suggested supplies:

Also use any found supplies for markmaking, spray bottle with water, paper towels/rags for clean up, stamps (store bought or homemade), stencils, and more!

Framing - Suggested options:


Two floating frame options, good for odd sized prints

Block printing Supplies:

Other Favorite Supplies:

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