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Intro to Bookbinding

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I am offering a four-class series at NAA and this is the second of the four. You can attend just this one class or any mix of the four classes.

If you have ever thought about making your own handmade book or journal, this is the class for you. Students will learn about the parts and tools used in bookbinding to make a personal sketchbook, diary, or special gift. We will explore using a mix of papers, old book pages, scrapbook papers, as well as plain drawing paper as the pages in our journals. In this class, we will discuss the parts of a book and make a Long-Stitch bound book using an old hardcover book cover which we will deconstruct and then fill with our own mix of creative papers.

Registered students will receive a supply list of items to bring to the workshop.

For individual workshops:
Members $20 per workshop, Non-members $25 per workshop

For four workshops series:
Members $70,  Non-members $90

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Intro to Bookbinding at the Merrimac Public Library
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Intro to Bookbinding at the Merrimac Public Library

Have you ever been interested in making your own books for sketching, memory keeping, or working in as an art journal? When you make your own book, it can be any size and include all types of papers. A handmade book can be a treasured gift or special place to store thoughts and memories. In this class, we will explore some of the options and look at examples.

For the projects, we will use old book pages, scrapbook papers, and plain drawing paper  in our journals to make two types of simple books:

1)     Pamphlet Bound Book – One signature that is stitched up the spine. The cover is just a little heavier stock than the inside pages.

2)     Long-Stitch Book – We will use an old hardcover book cover and fill it with our own creative paper using the Long-Stitch that shows along the spine of the book.

No experience necessary!

Class fee $35 includes all materials. The instructor will provide paper, awl, bonefolder, embroidery floss, and sewing needles for each project.


Pamphlet Stitch

Pamphlet Stitch

Long Stitch

Long Stitch

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